The number of teams is 15 people. 7 players in the pool (6 field players + 1 goalkeeper), another 8 players on the bench.

Field of play
All ages play on a 25 x 21 m track.

2003/2004 girls, 2007/2008: size 4 – same brand 2003/2004 boys, 2005/2006, Masters: size 5 – same brand
In 2005/2006, the girl’s teams matches must be played with size 4 ball.

2003/2004, 2005/2006, Masters: Big goal
2007/2008: Small goal

Duration of the game
2003/2004, 2005/2006: 4 x 6 minutes
2007/2008, Masters: 4 x 5 minutes 30 seconds attacking time/team Breaks – 1 minute between first/second and third/fourth quarter, 2 minutes between second/third quarter
In case of a missed, interrupted match, the Competition Directorate makes a decision.

Exhibition, brutality
20 seconds exhibition time
Brutality According to FINA rule, disqualification is a minimum of one match.
The coach is required to stay at the place designated by the inspector when issuing a red card. Disabling at least one match.

The teams has 2 timeouts/game. One timeout can be used/quarter. In case of more timeouts the FINA rules must be followed.

In case of draw
In qualitifacion games, draw result is allowed. For the same score, determine the placements according to LEN’s specifications. This is used for single-team rounds. For multiple age groups (after the qualifications), you must play until one-goal difference.

1 referee per game except the finals.

The tournament winner team in one cup per age group, first 3 medals for each age group
The best player, the best goalkeeper, and the top scorer will get a cup in each age group.