Mayor’s greetings

Dear Visitor!

The Local Government of Mezőtúr and Invictus Swimming and Waterpolo SC will organize -firs time this year – the Túri Fullánk International Waterpolo Festival, which is part of the Mezőtúr Public Education and Sports Ltd. as the main organizer, from 7 to 12 August 2018 traditionally held ArTur Festival, where the city has rich programs with live music and many arts shows, organizers for both kids and adults. On the final day of the Festivals (August 12), the XXVII. Túri Market crowns the whole week, which is open to visitors with all-day stage performances, amusement parks, gastronomic wonders, exhibitions, other interesting escort programs and fireworks.

In addition to the water polo matches, you can listen to a number of professional lectures by the interested, excellent performers and professionals, including sports, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and ground training.

After the professional conferences you can get to know and enjoy the Hungarian gastronomy experience with a pleasant musical accompaniment.

The programs of the Mezőtúr City Swimming Pool provide a unique atmosphere.

We are grateful for the trust and support of the participating teams, supporters and exhibitors who raise the level of their event and help them to carry out their work.

You can find more about our programs, more in the summer numbers of Mezőtúr and Vidéke, or on the following websites:

We welcome and invite you to our events!

Zsolt Herczeg