You can sumbit your application via e-mail: until 31st of May. You must send your team’s (or teams) name(s) and age range(s). The application is only valid if you send the application form back transfer the participaton fee. You can download the Application Form and Filling guide here.

Application’s confirmation:

  1. After your application form arrives to us, our colleagues send it back to you with our signature. There is no further work until the first installment is paid.
  2. At the same time with the application, you only have to pay the entry fee, which is 100 € / team.
  3. The Clubs, who apply with more teams (one or more age range too) are get ahead of the registration line. Clubs with same team number will be registered by the order of entry fee’s transfer.
  4. The cost of accommodation and meals must be paid in two installments: the first 50% must be settled by 15th July, the second installment until 01st August. In both cases, we will issue an invoice before the transfers: the first one will be issued on 5th of July, the second one on 24th of July.
  5. After actual performance, any differences in headcount and amount will be corrected on the final invoice.

In case of withdrawal we are billing your total cost’s certain percentage, depends on the date of withdrawal:

  1. 1-2 months before the beggining of the tournament: 10 % of the costs,
  2. 2-4 weeks before the begginig of the tournament: 15% of the costs,
  3. 1-13 day(s) weeks before the beggining of the tournament: 20 % ot the costs will be billed.