Túri Vásár

Famous pottery, medicinal water bath and endless waterfront are home to the ancient market town of Mezőtúr in the middle of the Great Plain.
The settlement is located in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county. From Szolnok you can reach the main road no. 46 and the Budapest-Békéscsaba-Arad international railway line can be easily reached by train.
In addition to natural rarity, the city’s particular attraction lies in cultural values.
The city has permanent and temporary exhibitions, including the Túri Pottery Museum, the Badár Memorial House and Workshop, the Municipal Gallery, the Draskovits Ceramic Collection, the Kun Zsigmond Ethnographic Collection and the Alföld Brickyard and the Community House.
With a rich offer of leisure time and year-round programs, we are waiting for guests, for whom we can provide accommodation at different levels according to the requirements of today’s age.
In Hungary’s rural development strategy, it is of the utmost importance to make rural towns and small towns more livable. One of the forms of this is that it helps to keep programs and events in the rural cities, in market towns, in the deepening roots of folk traditions and folk craftsmen.
In 2018 Mezőtúr will organize the XXVII. Túri Market, which dates back to the Middle Ages, was held since the change of regime, when the Fair was held for a week.
The event is organized by Mezőtúr Public Education and Sport Public Nonporfit Kft. The Market is of decisive importance not only in our city but also in the region, as about 200 reservoirs are offered this day, the “and almost 20,000 visitors.
Sellers of the whole day market are not only presenting goods offering satisfying the demands of today, but also folks of folkart and folk traditions.
The Local Government of Mezőtúr awaits folk artists with discounted locational fees, creating the widest range of products and the number of sales staffs. Not only does it emphasize its commitment to folk traditions, folk traditions, but also fulfills the mission consciousness whose concept is not only to revive, but to keep alive the craftsmanship of craftsmanship as well as the craftsmanship of the values of the past. In the present case, this is the means of organizing the Fair and the discounted locational fees.
Next to the stage productions, we also look forward to accompanying programs. The fantastic tastes of the Great Plain gastronomy are offered in chefs in cooking pots. On the venue of the cooking contest, you can see the weapons, the objects of use and the songs of the old days in the „Betyártanoda”, which are shown by “betyars” dressed in coat-of-arms.
In order to preserve the traditions we call craftsmen and artwork craftsmen from several points of the country. Creators not only demonstrate their knowledge but also provide opportunities to try their craft.
In the neighborhood of the market fair there are full-day stage shows for the little ones and big ones. The programs are free. For the last 26 years, we have enjoyed the outstanding personalities of the Hungarian music scene, as well as amateur performers, ensembles and soloists.
The Túri Market concludes with fireworks every year.
It applies to the whole event so it can be family, local, regional and global, domestic and international at the same time.