Program Project

Age Groups:
– Born in 2004- 2005 or later
– Born in 2006 or later

– Mezőtúri Strandfürdő és Fedett Uszoda (5400 Mezőtúr, Fekete István street 1.)

– 07-12th August 2018.

– There is no participation fee, but you must sumbit your application via e-mail (nevezes@turifullankkupa.hu) until 30th of April. Women’s teams may also apply!

The following costs contains accomodation with full board:
– Youth hotel     20,00€ /person/night
– Hotel (3*)        50,00€ /person/night

– The parents and relatives can book their accomodation through our club. Please contact us ont he e-mails below.

-Transfer: the club helps you with your transfer (from the airport). Please contact us on the e-mails below.

Payment deadline:
– First half of the costs must be payed until 30th of April (with the registration)
– Second half of the costs must be payed until 30th of June

– 7th of August:
Arrival to Mezőtúr, Check in at the Hotels 11.00 o’clock
18.00 – Technical meeting for coaches, leaders

– 8th – 9th of August:
Qualification games
19.00 Formal dinner (leaders, coaches, judges, exhibitors)
20.00 Takáts Tamás concert

– 11th:
Placement games
Semi finals, Finals
19.00 Aki-Mer concert

13.00 Ceremony of result announcement

At the same time and place with our Tournament the traditional ArTúr Festival and Túri Market will be held. These events offer you cultural programs, exhibitors of the city’s hand-made products and concerts.

You can also participate extra programs (if you arrive sooner or leave later) in surrounding towns. We both offer you cultural and entertainer programs:

If you want to apply one of the tours, please send us the choosen town and number of people until 30th of June.

– Teams:
7 players ( 6+ 1) in the water and 8 person by the bench.
Maximum players 15!

Field of play:
-2004-2005 25x 20m
-Born 2006 or later 20x 16m

-2004- 2005 – size 5, same brand
-Born 2006 or later –  size 4 – same brand

-2004- 2005 big goal (3 m x 90 cm)
-Born 2006 or later small goal (2,15 m x 75 cm)

Duration of the Game:
-2004- 2005 4×6 minutes
-Born 2006 or later 4×5 minutes
-Attacking time – 30 seconds per team

-Breaks – 1 minute between first/second and third/fourth quarter, 2 minutes between second/third quarter

The teams has 2 timeouts/game. One timeout can be used/quarter. In case of more timeouts the FINA rules must be followed.

– Referees:
1 referee per game except the finals.

– Rules:
The basic rules will be the FINA rules

The winner of the tournament will win the Túrifullánkok Cup
Medal for the first 3 teams
Best goalie, Best player, Top scorer

Contact Us:

General information:

Questions about registration:

Waterpolo & professional questions:

Main organizer:
Zoltán Mohi
+36 70 378 9343

Tournament director:
Mihály Subasitz
+36 30 248 3205

Professional coordinator:
Márk Mohi
+36 70 378 9341

Senior contact person:
Veronika Nagy
+36 70 311 4723

Best regards,
Túri Fullánkok Nemzetközi Vízilabda Fesztivál szervezői

Zsolt Herczeg                                       Zoltán Mohi                                                Mihály Subasitz Mayor                                                   Main organizer                                           Tournament director